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                                              BAGMATI FLOOD MANAGEMENT


1. Bagmati flows along Karmaiya ,Gadhi Bhanuanpur in Sarlahi district of Nepal, entering into India at Dheng to flow by Akhta, Amba Kala, Belsand, Kanta Piraunch, Salha, Hayaghat etc.

2. Bagmati just u/s Amba Kala offtakes a channel that flows by west of Shivhar, Bindravan, Turki Kharer, Narma, Jarang, Gayghat d/s which it merges into the Bagmati.

3. Near Turki Kharer, Channel no-2 offtakes yet another channel that flows down by north of Bochaha, Salha where it merges into the Bagmati.

4. Bagmati around Gadhi Bhanuanpur in Nepal offtakes a channel lower down called Burhi Bagmati to flow by Majorganj, Minapur Balha, Belsand where it merges into Bagmati.

5. Bagmati around Karmaiya in Nepal offtakes a channel that LINKS with what is called Lakhandai at Laukath in Sarlahi in Nepal; Lakhandai flowing by Kanhauli,Dubaha, Madhubani, Sitamarhi, Runni Saidpur, Kanta Piraunch d/s which it merges into Bagmati.

6. Lakhandai just d/s Sitamarhi offtakes a channel called Burhnad that flows by Jalwara, Bharwara, Singhwara to merge partly into the Khareh to east and partly into Bagmati lower down.

7.Lakhandai around Dubaha, Madhubani offtakes a channel called Marne dhar to LINK with ADHAWARA at Bathnaha; Adhawara lower down flows by Bajpatti, Pupri, Pali, Bisfi, Pindaruch, Darbhanga, Hayaghat where it combining with Bagmati flows down as Kareh.

8Adhawara near Bajpatti offtakes a channel that LINKS lower down around Nanpur with the Khiroi; Khiroi flows down to merge into Adhawara just d/s Darbhanga at Ekmighat.

This apportionment of the Bagmati will spread-over its flood water in an area 70 km wide in east-west direction from Brindavan near Shivhar in west to Pali near Benipatti in east.


Bagmati transfers some of its water-load into the Budhi Gandak in the following ways:

1. Bagmati ch no-2 emitting link-channel near Bindravan that merges into the Budhi Gandak near Mehsi.

2. Bagmati ch no-2 sending down another link-channel near Turki-Kharer that merges into the Budhi Gandak near Kanti.

3. Bagmati mainstream near Salha d/s Gayghat sending down spillover into the Budhi Gandak near Kalyanpur.

4. Bagmati around Hayaghat- instead of flowing eastward to meet the Kareh as at present- earlier flowed down to Rosera to merge with the Burhi Gandak.

BUDHI GANDAK interlinking with BAYA/GANGA:

1. Link channel emitting near Mehsi to merge into the Baya near Saraiya.

2. Channel no-1 continuing eastward from near Barka Gaon via Kurhani, Sarmastipur flow as Jamuari into the Baya near Mohiuddinnagar.

3. Budhi Gandak emitting near Kanti a channel locally called Kedane to merge into the channel no-2 near Kurhani.

4. Channel no-2 emitting near Gaur-urf-Khaliknagar a channel to merge into the Baya around Jandaha.

5. Budhi Gandak emitting near Dholi a channel flowing by Sarairanjan, Dalsingsarai into the Budhi Gandak near Cheria Bariarpur.

6. Channel no-5 sending down a channel from near Sarairanjan to flow via Jhakhara, Bachabara, Bhagwanpur into the Budhi Gandak near Cheria Bariarpur.

7. Budhi Gandak emitting a channel from Shamsa near Kalyanpur to flow by Mohanpur, Ujiarpur, Bibhutipur into channel no-5.

BAYA interlinking into GANGA:

1. Baya emitting a channel from near Saraiya to flow by Sahatha, Desri, Mahnar into the Ganga.

2. Baya near Jandaha emitting a channel to flow into the Ganga south of Mohiuddinnagar.

3. Baya itself flowing by Goraul, Mahua, Jandaha,Mohiuddinnagar into the Ganga near Chamtha.


Following Roads/Railways require more/better drainage –

Darbhanga-Narkatiaganj Railways, Darbhanga-Pupri-Sitamadhi-Bargania road, Sitamadhi-Sivhar road, Sitamadhi-Muzaffarpurroad, Darbhanga-Muzaffarpur road, Hazipur-Mahua-Samastipur road, Samastipur-Rosera road/railway, Sitamadhi-Sursand road, Muzaffarpur-Aurahi- Pupri road, Runnisaidpur-Aurahi-Katra road, Samastipur-Sarairanjan-Patori road, Hazipur-Mahnar-Patori-Bachwara road/railway.

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